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AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio

Dolby Digital, or AC-3, is the common version containing up to six discrete channels of sound. The most elaborate mode in common usage involves five channels for normal-range speakers (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz) (right front, center, left front, right rear and left rear) and one channel (20 Hz - 120 Hz) for the subwoofer driven low-frequency effects. Mono and stereo modes are also supported. AC-3 supports audio sample-rates up to 48kHz. Batman Returns was the first film to use Dolby Digital technology when it premiered in theaters in Summer 1992. The LaserDisc version of Clear and Present Danger featured the first Home theater Dolby Digital mix in 1995.

Convert to AC3 (Dolby Digital AC-3 Audio)



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