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Hoo WinTail

Log Monitor

Hoo WinTail is a real-time log monitor for Windows like the UNIX tail -f utility. It is ideal for monitoring application traces or server log in real-time. You can monitor the last part of a large file quickly without the need to load the entire file.

Hoo WinTail has an attractive and intuitive MDI interface. You can monitor multiple log files at a time.

The following features help you to monitor log.

MDI & Tabbed InterfacesMDI & Tabbed Interfaces
  • Monitor multiple logs at a time
  • Click tab item or move cursor to tab bar and scroll mouse wheel to switch log windows
  • You can set a color mark for special tab item of log
  • Hoo WinTail will flash tab icon of inactive document when new data of the document were captured
Highlight filters supportHighlight Filters
  • Highlight designated phrases with custom text color and background color
  • Highlight entire line that line includes highlight phrases
  • Send notification emails for designated highlight phrases occurrence
  • Write the line that includes specified highlight phrase to a specified file
Include/Exclude filters supportInclude/Exclude Filters
  • Include Filter: A line must include specific phrases then it can be shown
  • Exclude Filter: A line will not be shown if it includes specific phrases
Draw a red lineRed Line
  • Hoo WinTail will draw a red line to separate new text lines from old text lines when new data was captured and document is inactive or Hoo WinTail loses focus
  • Press F12 to move to next red line and press Shift+F12 to move to previous red line
Bookmarks & numeric bookmarks supportBookmarks & Numeric Bookmarks
  • Hoo WinTail supports bookmarks and numeric bookmarks
  • Double-click left-margin to toggle bookmark
Indicate file size in captionFile Size
  • Hoo WinTail indicates file size in window title bar
  • Hoo WinTail can check whether log file were truncated automatically
  • You can use command "File -> Truncate" to truncate current log file
Command line supportCommand Line
  • Hoo WinTail supports command line to open logs and capture OutputDebugString output
  • Hoo WinTail supports the following command line arguments.
    WinTail.exe [-d] [filename1] [filename2] ... [filenameN]
    "-d" means capturing OutputDebugString output

Horizontal ScrollPress Ctrl and Roll Mouse Wheel
  • Normal wheel means vertical scroll. If you press Ctrl and roll wheel, Hoo WinTail scrolls window horizontally

Free Download Hoo WinTail Free Download Hoo WinTail

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