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Hoo WinTail

Command Line Arguments

Hoo WinTail supports the following command line options:

  • Ansi log format files.

    WinTail.exe [-d] [-s file_set_name] [-l line_number] [filename1] [filename2] ... [filenameN]

  • Unicode format files.

    UWinTail.exe [-d] [-s file_set_name] [-l line_number] [filename1] [filename2] ... [filenameN]

-d: Capture OutputDebugString

-s: Open specified file set

-l: Locate to line number when opening document

For example:

  • Open a file
    WinTail.exe "d:\Prject\Debug\Debug1.Log"

  • Open two files
    WinTail.exe "d:\Prject\Debug\Debug1.Log" "d:\Prject\Debug\Debug2.Log"

  • Capture OutputDebugString
    WinTail.exe -d

  • Open a file set
    WinTail.exe -s setname

  • Open two file sets, Capture OutputDebugString, and open two files
    WinTail.exe -s set1 -s set2 -d "d:\app1.log" "d:\app2.log"


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