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ASF to GIF Converter

Convert ASF to GIF

ASF to GIF Converter Software converts ASF files to GIF in batch. GIF is playable in any web browsers. So you can put ASF video on your website or blog by converting ASF to GIF. ASF to GIF Converter Software is an all-in-one video and audio converter. The software also supports common file format such as 3GP, H.264 AVC, MXF, MKV, DivX, etc. It could convert VOB to MPEG, MOV to OGV, BIK to AVI, 3G2 to MPEG, 3G2 to SWF, and so on.

ASF to GIF Converter Software supports batch conversion that enables you convert bulk ASF files to GIF at a time. The software is fully compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

ASF to GIF Converter Software is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2008/2003/2000

What is ASF?
ASF stands for Advanced Systems Format. Audio and/or Video content compressed with a wide variety of codecs can be stored in an ASF file and played back with the Windows Media Player (provided the appropriate codecs are installed), streamed with Windows Media Services or optionally packaged with Windows Media Rights Manager. They often contain Windows Media Audio (.WMA) or Windows Media Video (.WMV) data. Rather, it defines a standardized, extensible file container that is not dependent on a particular operating system or communication protocol, or on a particular method (such as HTML or MPEG 4) used to compose the data stream in the file. Files of ASF format support playback from digital media servers, HTTP servers, and local storage devices. Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV) are the most common file types contained in an ASF file. Instead of specifying how (i.e. with which codec) the video or audio should be encoded, ASF does more in the structure of the video/audio stream which is quite similar to the function performed by the AVI, QuickTime, or Ogg container formats. The Advanced Systems Format (ASF) is the file format used by Windows Media. The format does not specify how (i.e. with which codec) the video or audio should be encoded; it just specifies the structure of the video/audio stream. ASF is most commonly used for streaming media purposes. An ASF file consists of three objects: a Header object containing information about the file itself, a Data object containing the media streams, and an optional Index object that can help support random access to data within the file. One of the objectives of ASF was to support playback from digital media servers, HTTP servers, and local storage devices such as hard disk drives.

GIF SampleWhat is GIF?
The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its acronym GIF) is a bitmap image format that was introduced by CompuServe in 1987 and has since come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. The Graphics Interchange Format is defined in terms of blocks and sub-blocks which contain relevant parameters and data used in the reproduction of a graphic. A GIF Data Stream is a sequence of protocol blocks and sub-blocks representing a collection of graphics. In general, the graphics in a Data Stream are assumed to be related to some degree, and to share some control information; it is recommended that encoders attempt to group together related graphics in order to minimize hardware changes during processing and to minimize control information overhead. For the same reason, unrelated graphics or graphics which require resetting hardware parameters should be encoded separately to the extent possible. The linked lists used by the image data and the extension blocks consist of series of sub-blocks, each sub-block beginning with a byte giving the number of subsequent data bytes in the sub-block (1 to 255). The series of sub-blocks is terminated by an empty sub-block (a 0 byte). A GIF image can contain 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 colors which are stored in a color palette or color lookup table within the image file. Each color in the GIF color table is described in RGB values, with each value having a range of 0 to 255. CMYK colors are not possible in GIF. Although the GIF format has access to over 16.8 million colors, only a maximum of 256 can be referenced within a single GIF image. While this limited palette keeps down file size and is perfectly acceptable for on-screen viewing, it leads to posterized images when they are printed. Most preflighting tools like PitStop can generate a warning when they encounter images with a fixed color palette.

Convert ASF to GIF:

  1. Free Download ASF to GIF Converter Software
  2. Install the software by instructions
  3. Launch ASF to GIF Converter Software
  4. Choose ASF Files

  5. Click Add Files
    Click "Add Files" to choose ASF files and then add them to conversion queue.

    Choose one or more ASF files
    Choose one or more ASF files you want to convert and then click Open.

  6. Choose "to GIF Animation"

  7. Convert to GIF

  8. [Optional, for advanced user] Set GIF Conversion Parameters

    Click Options
    If you want to change output GIF attributes such as frame rate, video size, please click "Options".

    GIF Options
    And then, switch to tab "Video & Audio" and choose "GIF Animation (*.gif)" at "Output Format", and then you can set frame rate and video size, crop pictures, and rotate/flip video.

    Trim Video
    If you just want to convert a part of ASF, please switch to tab "General", and then set beginning and end position.

  9. Convert ASF to GIF

  10. Click Convert
    Click on "Convert" to convert ASF files to GIF animation; alternatively, click on "Convert to One" to convert all files in list and combine to a single one GIF file.

    Converting ASF to GIF
    The software is converting ASF files to GIF format.

  11. Play and Browse GIF File

  12. Play and Browse GIF File
    When conversion completes, you could right-click on converted file and choose "Play Destination" to play the outputted GIF file; or choose "Browse Destination Folder" to open Windows Explorer to browse the GIF file.

ASF to GIF Converter Software offers free trial for evaluating the software. If you're looking for a freeware, please remember a lot of freeware is not professinal. And some freeware bundles with adware or malware that might harm your system.

ASF to GIF Converter Software is 100% clean and safe to install. It's certified by major download sites.
ASF to GIF Converter Software is 100% Clean!

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